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What is the way to solve the dilemma of small and medium-sized foreign trade clothing sellers?

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Update time : 2021-04-02 16:20:19

Foreign trade clothing is surging, I talk about my immature ideas

In the past, Chinese factories have given a lot of international brand clothing OEM. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the cost of raw materials and labor talents have been rising. The overseas famous brands' substitute workers gradually transfer the most labor-saving countries, such as Southeast Asia Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and India, etc, Hong Kong and Macao investment factories are also gradually evacuated, where our foreign trade clothing practitioners from is a very worthy of thinking

With the rise of cross-border e-commerce in Afghanistan, Clothing industry also saw hope, one after another, one after another, after several years of brutal growth of express delivery, we will find it more and more difficult to do online, large brand customers with large demand can not take down, others have mature supply chain, although the quantity is large, but sensitive to price, the price is not high, and the quality requirements are very high, from development to shipment, time The span is half a year or longer, and the process is cumbersome. In the early stage, the factory needs a lot of manpower and material resources to cooperate. Many of them can not meet the requirements and practices of such customers without such experience. For small sellers, also more and more unfriendly, on the product few inquiries, or do a small single to the sea without the following, pressure is not useful.

To do the sales promotion period of the network platform in several stages (successful platform operation, with burst rate, customers can find themselves and have development intention), follow-up period (some customers are developing and making small orders), marketing period (while being able to retain high-quality old customers, and then expand the plan), Most of them stay in the second stage and often fall into the bottleneck period, and it is very difficult to break through further.

Maybe we can learn from the successful experience of the former Hong Kong and Taiwan clothing and foreign trade companies. Why do European and American customers, especially big customers, like to place orders for them to purchase on behalf of them? Knowing that they can make a big difference in the middle, they will not directly purchase factories from the Chinese mainland?

First, European and American customers are generally afraid of trouble and different thinking styles. European and American customers generally hope that the producers can think well for him, think what he doesn't think, even if they offer a little bit more price, it doesn't matter; and direct procurement needs to follow up these things long and long, and we need to recruit a large amount of human and material resources to take charge of all aspects of work

Second, risk control. If there is any problem, he can claim directly from the agent. The international trade law and regulations system is relatively perfect, so he is not afraid that he will not admit the account.

Third, professional and trust. After all, Hong Kong and Taiwan have monopolized Asian trade for many years, which is very professional. It is easy to connect with the retail in Europe and America in various aspects. The thinking concept and working methods are very close and easy to deal with. And the efficiency is high. Therefore, trust, specialty is important, and risk control is also important, which has created the purchasing preference of European and American retailers

Fourth, the sales methods are different. Most of our domestic trade companies and factory operators often ask customers, "what do you want? What do you want? Do you have samples? What do you want us to do? What is your target price?" But mature trading companies are different. They contact us retailers to tell customers, "what do we have, what are our main push this year, what are our designs and color series this year, what can we supply to you, we know very well about the relevant tests that can meet your market needs and legal and regulatory requirements, and what price our similar products sell in the United States, If we work with us, we can make you maintain about how much profit, "that is the difference in the way you sell,

For example, the guest will say, I can start to consider the purchase in winter now. We want to make a promotion before December. Can you make a presentation? And you ask, "have you ever been in the U.S. market? Have you worked directly with retailers?

The first thing they asked was to know whether the supplier knew the testing and regulations in the United States, and whether they knew the preferences of American customers; secondly, if he could do business directly with retailers, he had the same thinking mode and working habits. If both answers are yes, those "please recommend some products that are suitable for us to promote XXX before Christmas, and match with other products. Some suppliers will find the sample Office of fabric materials immediately, and then send all samples to the guests. After receiving the sample, the customers will study and consider which items are included in the scope of discussion, which places to change, which products can be improved, which designs and colors should be improved, which matching is not suitable, and then the time of price negotiation is reached. We study the 100 items. We study which seem to be expensive, and you need to reduce the price; which prices can not be accepted and the gap is far away. You want to change the materials or change the suppliers. You can solve them. After the second proofing, you may finally be screened and 60 funds can be placed on the board to order for goods. The rest give up. Most domestic suppliers can't adapt to this operation, but the profit is here.

"You can see my website, or send me the pictures of your products, and the quantity. I will offer you a quotation". This early foreign trade model is becoming more and more competitive and invalid. If the guests want what you want, this is the most basic and no added value processing link. If the guest has everything and the guest has the product / picture / quantity / sample, it means that the product has been very mature and must be a product purchased or purchased for a long time. Why can the guest place an order for me? The customer must have three products, and find the best price and the highest sex price ratio. Even if you are lower, if the difference is not big, the customers will always give priority to the old suppliers, I still have no chance.

It is not to be able to copy the experience of the original class by referring to the experience of Hong Kong and Taiwan trading companies. Due to the continuous changes in consumption concept and consumption speed, and the current reasons for the relatively small online customers, some of the experience is not suitable for practical operation. But the sales mode of good service centering on customer experience will never be outdated. It is a direction to serve customers with good professional services, especially small and medium-sized and high-quality customers, analyze and understand their respective demand points and pain points, attract and stabilize customers with annual purchase volume of $20000-20, which may be a direction that can be taken as a direction.
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